Sienna’s Song

It was a song for Sienna

Feigning comfort I could not give

It was a moment of solitude

When she turned her face away

From the music I wrote for her

The simple melodies I sang to her

I wrote it all out

In melodies both tortured and true

As repentant chords moaned on

The sound hurt her ears

And reopened her scars

Lyrics meant to soothe

Haunted every scar within her

It was a song for Sienna

That now I wished I never wrote

But the damage is done now

And I take my rightful place

In a world she wanted no part of

Haunted by demons we could not break.

-”Letters From Kate” ©2020 All Rights Reserved, K.E.DePalmenary Poetry



K.E. DePalmenary

I am Author of the book “In The Solemn Hours, My little book of truths. Contributing writer at and NEWBOOK:”Ivory in June”