Ivory in June

It was chapel bells in a distant sunset

Brightly colored carnations adorned your head like a crown

It was a windswept spray as the sea kissed the shore

We knelt at the greatness before us

Vowing in that moment to always love and hold onto

each singular minute that we shared

just like this

You whispered, “Your eyes are as blue as the sky today”

I whispered back, “That’s because I am looking at you”

You smiled that smile of yours and winked at me

And to this day I will never be able to express in words

What that did to me

The day words were no longer just words

The day I felt and not just heard

That you loved me

On this earth’s ethereal plane

The day that felt like ivory in June.

©K.E. DePalmenary Poetry 2021



K.E. DePalmenary

I am Author of the book “In The Solemn Hours, My little book of truths. Contributing writer at http://Medium.com and http://Mirakee.com. NEWBOOK:”Ivory in June”