K.E. DePalmenary
2 min readAug 24, 2020

I Love You…

There will be days when the memories haunt the very essence of me, the increments of time that will cut me to the very bone

And there will even be those weeks when nothing seems to make me feel better

There will be months when my feet will stall

my will to falter

and my hopes to wane

And I will replay you like my favorite romantic movie

And there will be times when my restless soul just hurts, it will simply just ache not to be able to talk to you again

And the hardest part of having a broken heart is I know there will be years, because I’ve had them, when emotions go so deep they catch and scar an already tattered heart, And if I knew what to do with all of that feeling, then I wouldn’t be writing this now

But I don’t know what to do and I don’t know how feel

I’ve tried and nothing for the long term satiates this broken heart.

But in all the world, one thing I do know is all I can do is stop the resistance and love you.

Because that’s the only thing I will ever know how to do without force and unconditionally, even if you never love me again.

-Kate Mosca Poetry

Copyright (c)2020 Kate Mosca Poetry. All Rights Reserved

K.E. DePalmenary

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