K.E. DePalmenary
1 min readJan 27, 2021


“As You Wish”

As you wish…

A heartfelt caress from my heart to yours

It was a single kiss under moonshire

and the hand that I held in mine

As you wish…

Was one gentle August evening

When our hearts first aligned

The night I knew I loved you

As you wish…

Became stained and impure

on the day you left me alone

The words I used for you

Wanting to neither encroach nor invade upon your will

Now turned on me like some savage rabid dog

You turned my words against me on one late afternoon in April

Oh how you dragged them through the dirty waters

Making me feel like I was somehow unworthy of you ever loving me again

So I left you, never to return

Now I understand, nor did you ever want me to

But you see I was forever glancing back

In hopes of just one mere morsel

Still trying to preserve

What I thought was my first breath

As you wish…

The words I thought professed unconditional love for you

Had now become my solitary prison

The cruel abyss of winters heat

And the desolation and confusion of a ravaged now broken heart.

Never to utter..

As you wish…


(c)K.E.DePalmenary Poetry 2021



K.E. DePalmenary

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